Dienstag, 29. Januar 2008

Things that look good...

Talkin about things that make CG more beautiful and/or easier:

  • Darkness... like Batman, darkness is your good friend. What´s not visible doesn´t have to be that detailed.
  • MotionBlur: everything that´s fast and blurry is fine... makes it look less cg and more like real life.
  • Shaky Cam: see also motion blur... Though a little bit overused in recent TVShows (some make me sick), when used in sensible doses adds a lot to your shot.
  • Antialiasing: Pixels look like ... well pixels.They´re square and mean  and look jaggy when displayed in diagonal. To make them a lot nicer try cranking up your aliasing-settings. Another good tip is to render your stuff at  80% size and scale it up...  
Of course, there´s always a downside. Rendertime. Tends to reach exorbitant heights when you play with your settings. But keeping it dark (remember?) and rendering at smaller sizes (like let´s say 80%, remeber) cuts down rendertime a little bit.
My god, I sound like i know any of this stuff?

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